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Surviving in Retirement
The Capital Grille
Surviving in Retirement
The Capital Grille
Surviving in Retirement
The Capital Grille

Topics to be discussed

  • How could the new tax reform bill impact your bottom line and retirement nest egg?

  • How you can potentially create a guaranteed retirement income that you and your spouse cannot outlive.

  • How could America's debt & deficit likely impact your retirement.

  • How you may potentially increase your interest earnings - while safeguarding your investments from risk.

  • How to pass your IRA to your children or grandchildren - without giving most of it to the IRS.

  • How future tax rate increases may affect your retirement and could you be left with enough money?

  • How America's debt and deficit might impact interest rates and inflation. As of 6/3/19 the U.S. debt is $22,346,284,987,458. That's $181,885 per U.S. tax-payer.


Our Schedule

Enjoy Your Evening!

6:15 PM

Doors open and guests are seated.

6:30 PM

Introduction, followed by prayer and opening questions. Appetizers will be served.

7:00 PM

 Risk tolerance approach & strategy.

7:30 PM

Sequence of risk returns, buffered solutions and map plan.

7:45 PM

Final questions and remarks, followed by dinner being served.

8:15 PM

Dessert is served.


Our Presenters

Investment Management Group

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Philip Detlefs

CEO, CKA, Financial Advisor

Mike Steele

MBA, Financial Advisor


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